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Getting Started

Steps to Get Started

View the steps to get your platform up and running.

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Navigating the Platform

Learn how to navigate the Cleared4 platform.

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Read our statement on the platform and HIPPA compliance.

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Managing Users

Adding and Deleting Users

Import user information; manually add or delete users.

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Health Statuses and Passes

Assign a GreenPass or Bluepass; view the health status legend.

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Importing and Exporting Data

Export user data, reactivate users, import vaccination and test data.

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Messaging Users

Message users from the Users dashboard.

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Scheduling a Test

Schedule a test from the Users dashboard.

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Searching and Filtering Users

Search for a user and filter user information from the Users dashboard.

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User Profiles

Work with the user profile.

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Account Information

Enter or change organization information. View or change subscription information.

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User Experience

Customize thresholds, locations, artifacts, message templates, labs and more.

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Customize the platform with your company's logo, icon and background image.

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Groups and Tags

Add or delete groups and tags.

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Team Management

Add or delete team members as well as change their role or group.

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Client Workshops

Client Workshops

View videos of past client workshops.

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