Helping End Users Upload Vaccination Information

Use the information below to help users upload their vaccination information, including information from multiple vendors, multiple cards or booster information.

Users can upload vaccination records from:

  • CDC Vaccination Record cards
  • SMART Health cards
  • VCI smart health cards
  • EU Covid-19 Vaccine Passports
  • Swiss COVID certificates
  • Canadian Smart Health cards
  • CoWin passes.

You can view the information the user uploads in the Vaccination Information widget on the user's profile.

This article covers:

Adding Initial Vaccination Information

From the user's home screen they will:

  1. Click Enter Your Vaccination Data.

  2. Click Upload you vaccination proof.

  3. Navigate to location where their vaccination card is stored and select the image file.
  4. Once the card is validated the user will:
    -- Review the data extracted from the vaccination card.
    -- Fill in any missing information or edit any incorrect information.

  5. Note

    It is important for vaccination information to be entered in the correct order, ie, Dose 1, Dose 2, then Dose 3.

  6. Click the Add button.
  7. If the user is finished entering their vaccination information they should click No, I am done. To enter additional dose information they should select Yes, use the same card or Yes, Add a new card, depending on their need.

Adding Additional Dose Information

After the user has added their initial vaccination information they may need to add additional doses, or add vaccination information from an additional card. They have two options for entering this information:

  • Immediately after clicking the Add button for their inital doses. They will see the following options:

  • By selecting Vaccination Records from the menu in the upper-left corner of their home page.

1. Click Add Vaccination

2. Go through steps 2-6 above.


If information that has been previously entered is pulled from the card again, the user can enable the Ignore button and no information from this field will be imported. 

If the user is entering information for only one dose, they must enable the Ignore button on the empty dose field or they will not be able to complete the import process.

3. Click Done

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