Importing: Revalidating HealthPasses

If you change your vaccination or booster rules you can reimport your users so the new rules are applied retroactively to all users.  

This does not grant a BluePass to all users, but all users must meet the rules that you have set.

Creating a List of Users to Import

On the Users page:

  1. Click the Reset button to ensure no filters are applied and you have the full list of users in the Platform.

  2. Select all user, then click the Export button. 

    This will create a .csv file of users, saved to your Downloads page.

  3. Download the exported .csv file to your computer. 

You can also use the sample .csv available from the  Imports -> Revalidate HealthPasses page and manually enter the information

On the Imports page:

  1. Click Revalidate HealthPass.
  2. Click Browse and navigate to the location on your computer where the .csv file created above is stored.

  3. If needed you can match the userID column label to the column label in your .csv. 

    Click the row below the column lable to view the columns in your .csv. Only the userID column needs to be mapped.

    When there is a match between the column in the .csv and the column name, the column is green.  If there is no match, the column is white.

  4. Click Import

Watch a short video demonstration on revalidating HealthPasses: 

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