Allowing Deactivated Users to Reactivate Their Account

The  Allow users to reactivate their account feature lets deactivated users reactivate their account without administrator involvement.

This feature is located on the Settings -> User Experience page.

A user is automatically moved to Deactivated status when they have not interacted with the Platform for the number of months set in  Settings -> Thresholds -> User Thresholds


This feature can save time in managing deactivated users. 

One example of this is by uploading the entire population of your organization into the Platform. After a period of inactivity, for instance, if the user is working or attending class remotely and is not required to participate in the platform, a user may become deactivated. If the user decides to come back to the organization, they may reactivate their account without an Administrator changing the status of their account. 

Enabling the User Reactivate Account Feature

In Settings -> User Experience -> Misc Config Settings

  1. Enable Allow users to reactivate their account

  2. Use the slider to determine the number of days the Reactivate Account button will be visible to the user.
  3. Click the Save button at the top of the page. 

When the user accesses their account with their Deep Link they will see the following screen: 

After the user clicks the Reactivate Account button they will automatically be moved to the status of Active and can access their Health Pass, upload vaccination information, schedule tests, etc.


When a user reactivates their account they will have the same Health Pass as they did prior to being deactivated.

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