Receiving Your One-Time Password (OTP)

If you are having problems receiving your one-time password (OTP) text message when you log into the Platform, please try the following steps:

  • Check to see if you have mistakenly blocked the text messages.

    Look for a text message that comes from 44398; you may have typed STOP when you received this text message. You can start the messages again by typing START into the text message reply field.

    If you have deleted the message you can send a message to 833-635-1086; type UNSTOP in the body of the message
  • CLEARED4 uses Google to send the verification text messages. Check to see if you can receive verification text messages from other services you use outside of CLEARED4, such as your online banking or insurance provider, as many of these types of verification messages also go through Google.

    If you're not able to receive messages from other service providers, talk to your cell phone provider about receiving Google verification messages from 44398.

Do not try to change the phone number the verification messages as the phone number and email address in the Platform must match the phone number that is receiving the OTP.

If you are still having problems please contact

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