Importing: Medical Tests and Results

Medical tests and results can be imported using a .csv file from the Imports tab.

To import medical tests and results:

  1. From the Import tab, click Import Medical Tests and Results.
  2. Download the sample .csv file.

    If you have a .csv saved from a previous import, you can select it from the Choose template field.

Fill out the .csv file. Fields may be custom mapped according to your needs. Please contact us for guidance if needed. 

  • Information entered in the Comments field will show on the user's profile in the Covid Test widget, and also in the Covid Test Report.
  • The sampledDate and resultDate fields support the following formats:

    YYYY-MM-DD with no timestamp (e.g. 2022-01-01)
  • YYYY-M-D with no timestamp (e.g. 2022-1-1)
    YYYY/M/D with no timestamp (e.g. 2022/1/1)
    YYYY/M/D with no timestamp  (e.g. 2022/1/1)
    YYYY-MM-DD with no timestamp (e.g. 2022/01/01)
    YYYY-MM-DD  H:mm
    YYYY/MM/DD  H:mm
In the case where no timestamp is provided, a time of 00:00:00 will be applied by default. 

  1. Delete the sample data rows from the .csv, if present.

  2. Save the file, then close it.
  3. Click the Browse button to navigate to where the .csv is stored on your computer.  Double-click on the file, or, click the Open button.
  4. The .csv columns display, as well as information about your import.  Use this information to make any necessary changes to your .csv. 

  5. If there is a match between the column in the .csv and the column name, the column is green.  If there is no match, the column is white.
  6. If needed, use the drop-down arrow in each column to match the column in the database to the column in your .csv.

  7. Once you have your columns matched, you can save this .csv as a template for future imports.

  8. Indicate if you want to Update or Skip a record when an existing kit ID is in the .csv.

  9. Click the Import button.

Watch a short video on importing tests and results: 

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