Importing: Reactivating Users

Users can be reactivated- from the Imports tab using a .csv file.

  1. From the Users dashboard, select the users you want to export for reactivation, then click the Export button.  This will give you a .csv file of users.


    After you download your users you must delete all columns in the .csv except User Id and Status.

    You can also use the sample .csv available from the Imports -> Reactivate Users page.

  2. Open the list in Excel and change the Status column to Active.
  3. Save the changes to your file.
  4. From the Imports tab, click Reactivate Users.
  5. Browse to the location on your computer where the .csv from Step 1 is stored. Double-click on the file or click the Open button.
  6. The .csv columns display, as well as information about your import.  Use this information to make any necessary changes to your .csv. 
  7. If there is a match between the column in the .csv and the column name, the column is green.  If there is no match, the column is white.

  8. If needed, use the drop-down arrow in each column to match the column in the database to the column in your .csv.

  9. Click the Import button.
  10. From the Users page, check that users are now in active status.
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