Applying the Forced Isolation Status

Force Isolation prevents a user from receiving a CLEARED4 HealthPass for a specified period of time. Users are notified of this change to their status via email or SMS.

If the user becomes compliant during the forced isolation period, the HealthPass will not be granted until the time period has elapsed unless Force Isolation is manually removed

  • Force Isolation can only be applied manually by an Administrator from within the user’s profile.
  • A HealthPass is automatically granted to the user at midnight on the their last day of isolation.
  • If Force Isolation has been applied to a user record, and the user checks test results, it will trigger Multi-Factor Authentication and generate an access code for the user.

This article covers

Applying Force Isolation Status

From within the user's profile:

  1. Click Force Isolation from the top of the user's profile. 

  2. Enter the date for the end of the isolation, or set a specific number of days. Note that changing the End on field automatically adjusts the number in the Days field, and vice versa. 

  3. Click Set

The top of the user's profile now indicates that the Force Isolation status has been applied. 

You will also see an  Isolation label under the user's name on the Users dashboard, and an X will display in the user's timeline for each day of isolation.  

The user's Deep Link and HealthPass will state that they have an  Isolation status. 

Removing Force Isolation Status

Force Isolation is automatically removed when the designated time period elapses. You can also remove remove it manually.

From within the user's profile:

  1. Click the Remove Isolation button at the top of the user's profile. 

  2. Click Remove


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