Report: Health Survey

The Health Survey report retrieves the details of the Health Survey for all active and suspended users during a specified date range.

  • This report only displays users with Health Surveys. 
  • If a user took more than one survey within the date specified range their details will display over multiple rows.

The following fields display in the report:

Column Name Description
User Id User's unique identifier.
Full Name User's full name. Can be change when First Name or Last Name fields are updated.
First Name User's first name.
Last Name User's last name.
Email User's email address.
Country Code Country Code (1, 52, etc)
Mobile Number User's mobile number. Hyphens are removed.
DOB User's date of birth in YYYY/MM/DD format.
ZIP Code User's zip code.
Tags A list of tags the user is associated with. Tags are comma-separated (ie, tag1,tag2,tag40).
Groups A list of groups the user is associated with. Groups are comma-separated (group1,group2,group40).
Zone Name of the zone assigned to the user.
Description Description of the Health Status history.
Health Status Health status after completing survey. Possible values are:
  • Not Answered
  • Low Risk
  • Some Risk
  • High Risk
Survey Completed At The date and time when the survey was completed in MMM D, YYYY hh:mm a format.
Survey Status Health status after completing survey. Possible values are:
  • Not Answered
  • Low Risk
  • Some Risk
  • High Risk
Health Pass Lists the user's current HealthPass. Possible values are:
  • None
  • BluePass
  • GreenPass
Days left for Pass Number of days until the HealthPass will expire or be reset.
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