Conducting a LUCIRA CHECK-IT Covid Test

This article covers:

Enabling the Platform for a LUCIRA Test

  1. Go to Settings -> User Experience.
  2. In the Medical Test Configs section, enable the Show Upload Your LUCIRA Test Result button. 
  3. Click Save.

Conducting a LUCIRA test

From the user's Deep Link they will:

  1. Click the Upload Your LUCIRA Test Result button. 

  2. Read the test instructions that display on the screen, then click the Continue button. 

  3. Enter the Lucira Kit ID from the box, or, scan the QR code on the box. 

  4. The user takes their test.
  5. Ensure that the user understands the status of the Ready light. They should not scan their result if they are seeing any of the following: 

    When ready, they will click the Continue button.

  6. The user begins scanning their result. They should ensure that the face of the molecular kit fits into the scan area. 

    The user must wait for the green status bar to complete. 

  7. On the next screen they will view their result, then upload it by clicking the Connect button. 

  8. Once the result has uploaded the following message will display. 

The test results will be available to the user as a PDF that shows under the menu.

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