User Experience Settings: Medical Test Configs

This article covers the settings in the Medical Test Configs widget on the User Experience page.  You can find information on the rest of the User Experience settings by clicking on one of the links below:

You can enable or disable the following options to display or hide them for users.  If you make a change to any of the options click the Save button at the top of the User Experience page.

The User Experience settings are zone-specific. Ensure that you have the correct zone selected in Settings -> Zone Settings -> Current Zone before you make any changes to a setting.

Medical Test Configs

Feature Definition
Show Upload Your LUCIRA Test Result button Displays the Upload Your LUCIRA Test Result button to the user. 
Show Scan Test Kit button Allows users to use a QR code to scan their test kit. 

Show Marketplace button Displays the Marketplace button to the user. 

Note: Marketplace is a premium feature.
Video Proctoring Allows users to attend a video call to be proctored through a Covid test. 

Show Enter Your Covid-19 Test Result button Allows users to upload images of their Covid test results. An Administrator can review the photo and update the test results in a user’s profile.

Use the drop-down menu to determine if this button should be displayed to  All Users or to Non BluePass users only. 

Require Covid 19 Vaccination Proof Document button Requires the user to upload proof of vaccination. 

Show Upload Daily Temperature Reading button Allows users to upload images of their daily temperature. An Administrator may then review the photo, update and delete the daily temperature results in a user’s profile. 

Show Connect Your Health Data button Allows users to connect to online accounts at Quest, Lab Corp and other testing labs to authorize release of electronic health data to CLEARED4. 

Show Pre-Test Health survey button Displays the Pre-Test Health survey to the user. 

Show Book On-site Covid Test button Displays the Book On-site Covid Test tab to the user. 

Prevent Same Day Appointments When enabled a user cannot schedule an appointment for the current day. 

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