Automated Fulfillment Using the Marketplace

Automated fulfillment using the Marketplace gives users the option of ordering Covid test kits and other types of personal protection equipment through the Marketplace button of their Deep Link.

The Marketplace page in the Platform lets you build rules around what types of items you want to make available to users in specific zones, how many items a user can order, and how often they can order. 

Once an order has been placed the items ship directly to the user. Users are provided with tracking and shipping information for their order via email or text message, depending on their notification preferences.

The Marketplace page is located on the Settings tab.


Auto fulfillment is a premium feature. Please contact your account manager for pricing.

Setting Up Automated Fulfillment Using Marketplace

Your CLEARED4 account manager will upload the products to the Marketplace. When you are ready to start using automated fulfillment, please contact your account manager and have the following information ready:

  • The Zone the products are intended for
  • Product name
  • Product description
  • Can Order: The number of each item the user can order
  • Every: How many times per day/week/month the item can be ordered
  • Frequency: The unit of time the item can be ordered, ie, day/week/month

Currently you cannot add an image to a product listing. This functionality will be available in a future release.


In the screenshot below users in the New Zone can order two N95 masks every three weeks. 

Once your Marketplace has been populated you will enable Show Marketplace Button on the Settings - User Experience page, making the button visible on the Deep Link homepage. 

End User View

Users access the Marketplace via a button on their Deep Link homepage. 

On the Available Products screen the user selects the item(s) to order, then clicks Add to Cart

If a user has reached the maximum number of items they can order, they will see the Max quantity reached message: 

When the user has finished selecting their items they will click the Go to Cart button. 

On the Cart screen the user can change the quantity of an item or Remove an item. 

They can also change the Contact Information for the order, change or add Shipping Information, and indicate if the delivery address is a Residential or Business address. 

When the user is ready they will click the Check Out button.

The Order Summary screen lets the user review their order; then they will click Place Order

 Once the order has been placed the Order Details screen displays to the user. 

At any time after a user has placed an order they can access it through the  Order selction on the hamburger menu. 

Clicking the Order # link displays the Order Summary page. Clicking the Invoice link downloads a PDF of the order. 

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