Using the Daily Pulse Survey

The Daily Pulse survey is a configurable, HIPPA-compliant survey that gives you insight into the health status and location of your users.

The responses from the survey are visble on the Dashboard page in the Daily Pulse chart.  Responses from custom questions are available through the Daily Pulse report.

This article covers

Question Set

The user will answer the following survey questions.

Question Answers Secondary Question
How are you feeling?

Are you working today? Yes Home/Onsite/Travel

Custom question (optional) Custom options

Enabling the Daily Pulse Survey


You must create your Locations before using the Daily Pulse survey. The locations are used in the secondary set of options for the Home/Onsite/Travel questions.

  1. Go to the Settings -> User Experience page.
  2. In the Health Survey Settings section, ensure that Show Survey Option is enabled. 

  3. From the Survey Settings drop-down menu, select Daily Pulse

  4. Determine if you want to add a Custom Question to the survey. 
    1. Click the Edit button. 
    2. Enter your question in the Custom Question Heading field.
    3. Select Multiple Choice or Text Box.
      1. Multiple Choice gives the user options to choose from when answering the custom question.
      2. Text Box gives the answer a blank field where they can enter a free-form answer to the custom question. 
    4. If you selected Multiple Choice, enter the answers in the Options fields. Click the Add Option button to add additional options. 
    5. Click Save
  5. Determine if you want to Skip the Custom Question after the user has answered it once. 

  6. Click Save in the top right corner of the page. 

  • Custom questions do not expire.
  • To remove a custom question disable the Enable Custom Question button, then click the Save button.

Setting the Reminder Schedule

  1. In the Send Reminder Message at field, use the slider to select the time the inital reminder notice will be sent to the user. 

  2. Note

    Users can override the time selected in the Send Reminder Message at field using the Notify Via field of their Deep Link.

  3. Select the Reminder Days to set the days a reminder is sent to users.    

  4. Set any Blockout Dates.    

  5. From the Send Consecutive Reminders Every drop-down set the frequency for the reminder to be set. This fields works in conjunction with the Repeat field. 
  6. Use the Repeat drop-menu to determine how often the reminder message should be sent. This field works in conjunction with the Send Consecutive Reminders Every field. 

  7. From the Use a Template drop-down, select the template message to send to your users. You can edit the standand text in the Session Reminder template or Custom Message 1-5 template. Remember to edit both the email and SMS templates. 
  8. Click the Save button in the upper corner of the window. 

End User View 

  1. The end user will see one of the following screens when starting their Daily Pulse survey.
    Taking the Survey for the First Time
    Repeating the Survey

  2. They will be presented with the Notice. This text can be modified in the Start Notice Artifact. 

  3. They will be asked to rate how they are feeling overall. 

  4. They will be asked if they are working that day. 

    1. If they answered Yes:
    2. If they answered No:
  5. The last screen the user sees will vary, based on their answer.
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