Thresholds: User Thresholds

Thresholds are key to how your CLEARED4 platform keeps your organization healthy. They are available from the  Settings -> Thresholds page. The settings on this page allow you to manage vaccinated and unvaccinated users.

This article covers the User Thresholds settings; you can find find information on the other settings by clicking on a link below:

Saving Changes to Threshold Settings

Click the  Save button on the top right of the page after making any changes to the settings. 


Threshold settings are zone-specific. Ensure that you have the correct zone selected in Settings -> Zone Settings -> Current Zone before you make any changes to a setting.

User Thresholds

Field Definition
Deactivate after X days Users are automatically moved to Deactivated status and hidden from the  Users dashboard, unless you specifically filter for Deactivated users. 

Indicate if you want to include BluePass holders in this threshold. 

Enable health data resync Health data push activated for Deactivated users. 

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