Thresholds: Pre-Vaccinated

Thresholds are key to how your CLEARED4 platform keeps your organization healthy. They are available from the Settings -> Thresholds page. The settings on this page allow you to manage vaccinated and unvaccinated users.

This article covers the Pre-Vaccinated Thresholds settings; you can find find information on the other settings by clicking on a link below:

Saving Changes to the Threshold Settings

Click the  Save button on the top right of the page after making any changes to the settings. 


Threshold settings are zone-specific. Ensure that you have the correct zone selected in Settings -> Zone Settings -> Current Zone before you make any changes to a setting.

Pre-Vaccinated Thresholds

Field Definition
Risk free days to achieve GreenPass Applies to risk-free days based on the answers a user gives during the Health Survey. If the user reports High Risk, it will take the number of days set on the slider before they are granted their GreenPass again.

The default is the CDC recommended 10 symptom-free days to achieve a GreenPass.

Note: If Days before immunity is set to a number greater than 0, the number of days set on the slider is the rule that will be followed for quarantine and receiving a HealthPass.

If  Days before immunity is set to 0, the number set on this slider is the rule that will be followed. 

Requires partial vaccination for GreenPass Users will get a GreenPass based on the thresholds set in Min. Negative Tests CountNegative Test Recency Days and if the user is partially vaccinated. 

Allow Kit Assignment to grant a GreenPass


Kit Assigned Recency Days
When enabled a user will receive a GreenPass for the period of time set in the Kit Assigned Recency Days field.

If the user receives a negative result during that period, the GreenPass expiry will reset to match the Negative Test Recency setting. 

Minimum Negative Tests Count Determines the number of recent tests that must be taken with the Negative Test Recency Days

Negative Test Recency Days Determines how frequently a user must be tested to receive a GreenPass.

  • Leave the slider at zero if you do not want to use this feature.
  • Midnight is determined using the organization's configured time zone. You can view the time zone on the Settings -> Account Information page. 

Example 1: You want users to test every 24 hours

1. Set  Negative Test Recency Days slider to 1

2. Click  Save

Example 2: You want users to test every 7 days

1. Set the  Negative Test Recency Days slider to 7

2. Click  Save

Example 3: You want the HealthPass to expire at midnight on the same day it was issued.

1. Set the Negative Test Recency Days slider to MN

2. Click Save.

Allow Negative Test Types Allows you to restrict the Covid test types that will be taken into account for user access. This does not prevent users from uploading test types that are not selected. Instead, it ignores the disallowed test types when considering the user for access.

The user's test record will be stored in their profile until the test type is allowed again, or they are moved to a zone which allows said test type.

Immunity After Positive Test When enabled, this field determines how many days before immunity begins and how many days the immunity lasts.

When this feature is enabled the numbers of days to immunity displays on the  Users dashboard, under the user's name.

If a user is in this “immunity” state, then future positive tests will not trigger alerts in the platform. This is to avoid the false positives that can occur in the 90 days following a positive test.

When disabled pre-vaccinated users to go back to testing without going into an immunity period. 

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