Zones: Working with Zones

Zones are specific to an organization and have their own unique Settings. Once you've created a zone you can assign it to a user which allows the user to inherit all of the characteristics of the Settings you configured.

Example Uses for Zones
  • When you have employees that are in different states or countries, each with their own vaccination requirements, you can create a zone for each type of requirement.
  • When you have users who have an exempt status; you can add them to a own zone with a specific testing regiment assigned.
  • When you want to use two or more types of health surveys you can create a zone for each survey type.

This article gives you an overview of working with zones, with links to individual articles with instructions on creating and configuring zones and adding users.

Creating a Zone

You create a new zone by duplicating an existing zoneon the Zone Management page. The new zone inherits all of the Zone Settings of the zone you duplicated, which can then be changed.

For steps on how to create a new zone, click here

  • The Default Zone is created when your organization is created. It cannot be deleted.
  • You can create up to three zones. Adding more than three zones may be subject to billing.

Configuring a Zone

Once you have created your zone you can configure its settings. This is done by first selecting the zone you want to configure from the Zone Settings -> Current Zone drop-down menu: 

After you have the desired zone selected you can configure the settings for that zone. This includes:

Adding a User to a Zone

You can add a user to a zone manually on the user's profile or add a zone to users in bulk via .csv import.  A user can only be assigned to one zone. 

You must create a zone before you can assign it to a user.

Once you assign a zone to a user they inherit all the settings for that zone.


We do not recommend frequently changing the zone assigned to a user (ie. hourly or daily). This is due to the length of time it takes for some settings to take effect, for example, the 24-hour cycle on receiving test results.

The screenshot below shows the  Zone drop-down menu on a user's profile. 

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