Zones: Creating a New Zone

You create a new zone by duplicating an existing zone. The new zone inherits all of the settings of the zone you duplicated, which can then be changed.

From the  Settings tab -> Zone Management page:

  1. Click the Duplicate button for the zone you want to duplicate. 


    -- The Default Zone is created when your organization is created. 

    -- You can create up to three zones. Adding more than three zones may be subject to billing.

  2. Enter a Name and a Code. Spaces are not allowed in the Code field.Optionally, enter a Description

  3. Click the Duplicate button. 

  4. The zone is now available in the Current Zone drop-down menu on the Settings tab, and from the Zone drop-down menu on a user's profile. 

You can update the zone settings, such as the Default Language or the Contact Email and ReplyTo Email addresses from the Zone Info page on the Settings tab.


When a user is assigned to a zone the email address in the ReplyToEmail field takes precedence over the email address in the Contact Email field.

You can also change any of the settings for the new zone, such as artifacts, email and SMS templates, user thresholds, user experience settings or vaccination rules.

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