Creating a To-Do List for the End User

The home screen of the Deep Link user interface has two sections, the To-Do List section and the Optional section. 

The buttons that display in the To-Do List are controlled via the Settings -> User Experience page and Settings -> Thresholds page. These buttons are:
  • Health Survey
  • Entering Your Covid-19 Test Results
  • Entering Your Vaccination Data

You can enable these Deep Link buttons on the Settings pages using the following table:

Deep Link Button User Experience Page Setting Thresholds Page Setting
Health Survey Show Survey Option None
Enter Your Covid-19 Test Result Show Enter Your Covid 19 Test Result Button Negative Test Recency Days. This setting must be greater than 0 for the button to display to the end user.
Enter Your Vaccination Data Show Enter Your Vaccination Data Button. The drop-down must be set to All Users for the button to display to the end user. None

If no buttons are enabled, an empty To-Do List will display on the home screen. 

The remaining buttons on the home page display in the Optional section of the page.  The number of buttons will vary, depending on what options are enabled on your Settings pages. 

  • You cannot change the order of the sections.
  • If you have an empty To-Do List, it cannot be hidden from the user.
  • If there are no button to display in the Optional section it will be hidden from the user.
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