Setting Up Devices

Kiosks allow guest check-in and completion of health surveys directly on the kiosk. There are six different types of kiosks, including forehead temperature scanning, wrist temperature scanning and self-service kiosks.

Messaging is displayed on the kiosk based on the scan result; users can also receive text message notifications.

Click a link the Device Type column below to display instructions in a separate window on how to set up a specific device.

Device Type Definition
CS Auto Touchless (Check Status Automatic)
For an iPad or tablet in which the user scans the code from their phone to the tablet. 
CS Manual Tablet (Check Status)
For a user to self check-in using a tablet. Select for visitors to self register in the platform and take the survey on the spot.
CSTS Auto (Check Status Temperature Scan)
For a kiosk integration with a forehead scanner for the Taos kiosk. To use this device please contact Cleared4 Customer Support.
CSTS Staffed
For manual scan and temperature entry.  This is for a staffed reception implementation.
CSTSWR Auto (Check Status Temperature Scan Wrist) For a kiosk with a wrist scanner.  To use this device please contact Cleared4 Customer Support.
CSTS Admin (Check Status Temperature Scan)
To scan any barcode off any card.

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