User Experience Settings: Misc Configs

This article covers the settings in the Misc Configs widget on the User Experience page.  You can find information on the rest of the User Experience settings by clicking on one of the links below:

You can enable or disable the following options to display or hide them for users.  If you make a change to any of the options click the Save button at the top of the User Experience page.

The User Experience settings are zone-specific. Ensure that you have the correct zone selected in Settings -> Zone Settings -> Current Zone before you make any changes to a setting.

Misc Configs

Feature Definition
Show Bluepass Expiry Date When the user accesses their Deep Link, displays the number of days until their BluePass expires.

Show Health Tip Displays the  Health Tip to the user. 

Allow Risk Free Users to Check-In Allows users marked as No Risk from their survey answers to check into facilities. 

Enable My QR Code Allows you to hide the  My QR Code option from the user experience menu. 

Allow users to reactivate their account Allows deactivated users to reactivate their account via the client app. 

Use the slider to determine the number of days the Reactivate Account button is visible to the user. 

Display Local Time Zone for Date and Time When enabled the user will see their local time when booking an appointment.

The display time is calculated using the device’s time. If the local time (e.g EST)  cannot be determined, the UTC offset will be shown instead. 

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